Returning Students


Who is a returning student?

Returning students, sometimes referred to as continuing or readmit students, are degree-seeking students who previously attended Old Dominion University and have been gone from the university for at least one year.

Who is eligible to return?

All undergraduate degree-seeking students who voluntarily separated from the university while in good academic standing are eligible to apply to be readmitted.

Who is not eligible to return?

Non-degree students, international students, or students who left the university under academic suspension are not eligible to be readmitted via the returning student process. 另外, students who last attended ODU before 2000 are not eligible to apply to return via the reactivation process.

Students previously suspended from ODU may apply for re-admission through the Office of Academic Continuance following the completion of the suspension period. 所有重新, formerly suspended students are required to attend the Academic Continuance Experience for Success (ACES) workshop before the beginning of the semester of readmission.

Students who have already completed the degree program they were previously admitted for are not eligible for the returning student process.

Process to Return

Note: All eligible students must return to their original academic program of study and campus designation – on campus or online. Changes may be made to either or both after being approved to return.


  1. Complete and submit the 本科 Returning Student Application
  2. Submit transcripts (electronically or via USPS)
    • if you are currently enrolled or were enrolled at a university other than ODU since your separation; or,
    • if your previously submitted transcript had in-progress grades; or,
    • if it has been more than five years since you last attended ODU, you must submit official transcripts from every institution attended.

Note: Electronic submission via a service such as Parchment is preferred.

Mailing hard copies is acceptable, but only if each set of official transcripts are kept it their original sealed envelopes, 放置在一个新的, larger envelope and mailed to:

Old Dominion University
Office of 招生
Norfolk, VA 23529

Please list your complete legal name and date of birth on all documents.